Comments from PD SELF Participants Upon Completion of Program

"I feel normal again."


"I feel like I'm a player in my life, not a passive bystander."


"When life intervenes and I get off track, I get right back on."


"I experienced the power of setting goals."


"This is the best medicine for Parkinson's anyone can have."


"I have not been this at peace with myself in a long time."


"I would never have believed a year ago that I could be where I am today."



"I'm much less fearful."


"I feel acceptance and comfort with myself."


"I understand that I have control of my quality of life while living with PD, and that by taking charge of my PD I can have the best possible long-term outcome."


"I learned coping skills."


"I now have tools I can use for the rest of my life."


"Self-Efficacy works!"