2019-2020 Programs

Albany, New York

Facilitators: Jud Eson and Debra Virtanen

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Facilitators: Eileen O’Reilly and Emily Moncheski

Denver Central, Colorado

Facilitators: Hal Pottle and

In collaboration with the Movement Disorders Center, University of Colorado

Denver South, Colorado

Facilitators: Betsy Mathies and Meredith Roberts

In collaboration with the Colorado Neurological Institute

Detroit, Michigan

Facilitators: Brian Cooper and Stephen Femminineo

In collaboration with Michigan Parkinson Foundation

Evansville, Indiana

Facilitators: Scott Bergen and Janice Hatler

Hartford, Connecticut

Facilitators: Evelyn Foran and Amanda Brill




If you are interested in attending one of these local programs: 

Contact support@pdself.org for more information. Potential candidates for the PD SELF Program should meet the following criteria:

  • Recent diagnosis of Parkinson's disease - within 3 years

  • Enjoy learning, interested in improving the quality of their life

  • Ability to actively engage in group activities and discussions

  • Can commit to attending at least 80% of the 8 sessions

  • Have an email and the ability to conduct email correspondence

  • No limiting co-morbidities (additional illnesses or conditions that might prevent full participation in the program)




Albany, 2019

Albany, 2019

Phoenix, 2018-2019

Phoenix, 2018-2019

Houston, Texas

Facilitators: Fred Kunzinger and Kathleen Crist

In collaboration with Houston Area Parkinson Society

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Facilitators: Christine Banedt and Kiersten Kirking

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Facilitators: Kristine Gjerde and Sandra Varpness

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Facilitators: John Kennedy and Julia Wood

Phoenix, Arizona (English LANGUAGE Program)

Facilitators: Patty Hatton and Lisa Essex

Phoenix, Arizona (Spanish language Program) **Next start date tbd

Facilitators: Alejandra Borunda and Claudia Martinez

In collaboration with Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center, a Parkinson's Foundation Center of Excellence 

Richmond, Virginia

Facilitators:  Fred Woodlief III and Bobby Hand

Sunnyvale, California (Bay Area) **next start date tbd

Facilitators: Deborah Nin

Click on location for local registration information.

Richmond, 2019

Richmond, 2019


Evansville, 2018-2019

Evansville, 2018-2019

Colorado Springs, 2018-2019

Colorado Springs, 2018-2019