Frequently Asked Questions


Q. After attending the PD SELF Facilitator Training, will I receive any kind of ongoing support?

A: Yes, representatives from PD SELF will be available for consultation. Monthly national team conference calls offer the opportunity to exchange information and ideas with team leaders from other communities.


Q. When is PD SELF Facilitator Training application deadline?

A: For the 2019-2020 Training: TBD. 


Q. Is there a recommendation about the length of time that the person with PD who is applying as co-facilitator has been living with the disease?

A. Not specifically. However, the program requires someone who:

  • Understands all aspects of Parkinson’s disease
  • Models self-efficacious behaviors in terms of their own disease management
  • Has the energy and focus to manage the preparation and delivery of the program over time
  • Is highly effective in front of a group


Q. If I need care partner aid on site, am I eligible to apply?

A. No. The demands of delivering a local program over the course of eight months is such that we do not believe those needing care partner assistance are best suited for this role.


Q. I am interested in PD SELF, but do not have a partner. What can I do?

A. If you are interested in PD SELF but do not have a partner, here are a few suggestions for finding the right person. If you are a person living with Parkinson’s, we recommend contacting local health leaders, such as nurses, movement disorder specialists, social workers or doctors, particularly those involved with local PD education. If you are a healthcare professional, we recommend finding a leader in your community living with Parkinson’s (such as the leader of a support group that meets at your hospital or health facility).


Q. Can I take PD SELF and insert it into my existing PD support group?

A. No. Existing support groups have already developed norms of behavior which may or may not be consistent with the norms we strive to set for the PD SELF groups. The positive results that we have seen from the PD SELF program are the result of creating, from the beginning, affirmative interactions among people within three years of a Parkinson’s diagnosis, through goal setting and planned activities specifically designed to enhance self-efficacy skills and behaviors.


Q. What if I’m setting up a new support group for people with Parkinson’s at all stages of the disease? Can I use the PD SELF program?

A. No. The program is designed specifically for those within three years of diagnosis. Engaging people who have had PD a number of years likely requires a different approach, since it may mean creating new behavioral patterns for those individuals to replace those they have developed over their years with PD. We hope to be able to create a program for mid-stage PD patients.